Eenvoudig afvallen: hoe kant en klaar maaltijden het verschil kunnen maken

Easy weight loss: how ready meals can make all the difference


Weight loss remains a challenge when you lead a busy life. Coming up with a dish with just the right calories and macros to help you reach your goal is a daunting task. Then you have to buy the ingredients, weigh everything and then cook.

To lose weight you have to reduce your calorie intake below your maintenance level, which then leads to weight loss. Healthy and clean ready meals can help with this. With these meals you know exactly how many calories they contain, making it easier to calculate your calorie intake for the entire day.

  • Losing weight is often a challenge due to the time and effort required to prepare a healthy dish.
  • Ready meals , which list exactly how many calories they contain, can greatly simplify the process of calorie counting and meal planning.

What are ready meals?

If you're new to ready meals , now is the perfect time to get acquainted. These meals are pre-prepared and cooked, and just need to be warmed up in the microwave, frying pan or oven. The idea is to make your meal planning and preparation a lot easier, providing you with a quick, yet nutritious meal for those days when your schedule is jam-packed.

In addition, these meals provide complete information when it comes to nutritional values. Each meal comes with detailed nutritional information, including calorie count and macros (protein, carbohydrates, and fats). This makes it easy to track your nutritional intake, which is an important factor in weight loss.

When choosing ready meals, it is extra important to pay attention to how "clean" the meal is. Meals labeled "clean" do not contain unwanted additives, such as artificial colors, preservatives or flavor enhancers. Instead, they consist of natural, unprocessed foods, just like you would use in your own kitchen.

How ready meals can promote weight loss

Weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit, which means consuming fewer calories than your body needs to perform its daily activities. Your body's total energy or maintenance level is determined by your basal metabolic rate, also known as your BMR (the number of calories your body needs to perform its basic functions), plus the calories you burn through physical activity.

How would this work? Let's say your maintenance level is 2,000 calories a day and to lose weight, you're aiming for a calorie deficit. If you choose to eat 500 calories less than your maintenance level, for example, you will end up with a daily intake of 1500 calories, which should allow you to lose about half a kilo per week.

For example, if you eat two ready meals of 500 calories each in one day, you will have 500 calories left over for breakfast and snacks for the rest of the day. This way you can easily plan your meals, count your calories and create a calorie deficit to reach your goal.

However, it's important to remember that while creating a calorie deficit is key to weight loss, you should still aim for a balanced, nutrient-dense diet. Our Snap Meal meals are rich in fiber, protein and healthy fats, which help you feel full and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy during weight loss.


In our increasingly busy world, planning, preparing and cooking healthy meals can be a challenge, especially if you're trying to lose weight. The ready meals such as those from Snap Meal offer an easy and healthy solution for this. Not only are they time-saving because you only have to heat them up, but they are also designed to provide you with all the essential nutrients your body needs.

When choosing ready meals , it is crucial to pay attention to the nutritional values ​​and to ensure a "clean" quality, so that your meals are free of unwanted additives. Snap Meal's meals meet all these criteria. They provide transparency in calorie and macro content, which helps manage your daily calorie intake and thus supports you in achieving a calorie deficit for weight loss.

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