What makes us unique

Snap Meal goes for the healthiest ready meals based on our 6 core values

No unnecessary additions

Our cooking style reflects home cooking - without unnecessary E-numbers, added flavors, flavor enhancers, emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives, colorings, chemically modified starches or hydrogenated fats.

Ultimate taste experience

We strive for a perfect taste experience by using only the highest quality ingredients. Whether it's an ingredient that is best crunchy, fine or creamy, we invariably choose the most superior option!

High quality standards

We apply strict standards for our production locations in the Netherlands and carry out regular inspections. Our suppliers are required to undergo a social audit by an independent party.

Conservation of biodiversity

Snap Meal is proud of our suppliers who follow the principles of organic farming, including crop rotation, to promote optimal soil health and fertility.

Optimal packaging

Our packaging solutions are designed to protect essential raw materials. We strive to use as little packaging as possible, while ensuring the food safety of our products.

Delivered frozen

Our meals have a longer shelf life, reducing food waste. In addition, they retain the nutritional value and taste, because the ingredients are quickly frozen after preparation.