Hoe ready to eat vriesverse maaltijden kunnen helpen bij het verminderen van voedselverspilling

How ready-to-eat frozen meals can help reduce food waste

Have you ever looked in your fridge and noticed that the food you bought with good intentions was untouched and spoiled? You're not the only one. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, about a third of the food produced for human consumption worldwide is lost or wasted. Not only is that a huge waste of resources, but it also contributes to global climate change. But what if there was an easy way to reduce your personal food waste while enjoying delicious and nutritious meals? In this blog post, we take a closer look at the challenge of food waste and how fresh frozen meals from Snap Meal can help tackle this problem.

The problem of food waste

Food waste is a global problem with far-reaching consequences. Each year, about one-third of the world's food for human consumption (about 1.3 billion tons) is lost or wasted. This waste occurs at all stages of the food chain, from production on the farm to the final food on our plates.

The consequences of food waste are enormous. On an individual level, it is a waste of money and resources. In the Netherlands, for example, it is estimated that an average family throws away about 34.3 kilos of edible food every year, which amounts to hundreds of euros literally thrown in the trash.

On a global level, food waste contributes to climate change. The production of food that is ultimately wasted is responsible for about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, when food enters a landfill and decomposes, it produces methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

The role of ready-to-eat frozen meals in reducing food waste

Fresh frozen meals can play an important role in reducing food waste. Here are some benefits:

  • Portion Control:
    One of the great benefits of freshly frozen meals is that they contain just the right amount of food for one meal. This means there is less chance of leftover food ending up in the bin. One of our customers, Sanne van Geerestein, summed it up nicely in a review: "not only being delicious and nutritious, but also ensuring portion control and minimal food waste"​​.
  • Long shelf life:
    Snap Meal's meals are 'ready to heat', which means they are already fully prepared and then frozen to keep them fresh. This means they have a long shelf life and can be reheated and eaten at any time, minimizing the chance of waste.
  • Reduction in food preparation:
    Fresh frozen meals do not require any preparation, which also contributes to food waste. When preparing a meal, it's easy to buy or cut too many ingredients, which can lead to unnecessary waste. Who doesn't know it: you buy a product in bulk with the idea of ​​using it later in another meal, but you end up throwing it away from the fridge when it's moldy. With a Snap Meal meal, all the work is already done so there is no chance of wastage during the preparation process.
  • Reducing food waste in production:
    We purchase the ingredients in bulk and effectively, resulting in less food waste during production. In addition, Snap Meal does not use preservatives and does not make excessive use of salt, unlike traditional providers.

By choosing fresh frozen meals, you can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals while reducing your personal food waste.

Fresh frozen meals in your lifestyle

Now that we know that fresh frozen meals could be an effective way to reduce food waste, here are some practical tips on how you could incorporate these meals into your lifestyle:

  • Plan your meals:
    By planning in advance which meals you will eat during the week, you can estimate the number of fresh frozen meals you need more accurately. This not only helps to reduce waste but also to save money and maintain a balanced diet.
  • Make use of the shelf life:
    Make optimal use of the long shelf life of freshly frozen meals. Keep them in the freezer and use them as a backup for days when you don't have the time or energy to cook. Snap Meal's ready-to-heat meals are ideal for these situations​.
  • Diversify your diet:
    Use the wide range of fresh frozen meals to diversify your diet. For example, Snap Meal offers a range of healthy options, including fresh frozen meals and soups full of fresh vegetables.
  • Be aware of portion sizes:
    Fresh-frozen meals are often the perfect portion size for one person, making them ideal for controlling the amount of food and calories you consume and reducing waste.

By consciously choosing fresh frozen meals and strategically incorporating them into your eating routine, you can play an active role in reducing food waste while enjoying delicious and nutritious meals.


Making conscious choices in our eating routines can help reduce food waste. Fresh frozen meals offer a practical and viable solution to this global problem. Not only are they an easy way to eat healthy and nutritious, but they can also contribute significantly to reducing food waste through their portion control and long shelf life.

It's important to remember that every little change counts. Whether you start planning your meals, diversifying your diet with different options, or becoming more conscious of your portion sizes, you can contribute to the solution.

Snap Meal meals

Now that you know the many benefits of freshly frozen meals, you should try the premium quality, taste and convenience of Snap Meal meals. Our meals are not only delicious and nutritious, but also a simple way to eat healthy.

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